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Clean-AirWith 23 years of kitchen appliance R&D experience, FOTILE still attaches importance to research into the basic principles of fume management. Through innovations in core range´s technology, FOTILE maintains its position as an industry leader. FOTILE´s research team dissected the principles of fume intake and exhaust. They discovered that range hoods work in three stages: fume capturing, fume filtration, and fume extraction. Other brands on the market only pay attention to smoke extraction, emphasizing suction power whilst ignoring the importance of trapping and ventilating fumes. This leaves their products unable to completely resolve kitchen fume problems. After years of in-depth research, FOTILE has invented comprehensive &all-in-one& , core technology that provides an effective solution to fume problems.

Spotlight on the Golden Collection Zone A 3D Defence Line Preventing Smoke From EscapingAfter hundreds of experiments, FOTILE discovered that grease and smoke move through three different stages: spluttering, rising, and spreading. The optimal height for suction and extraction before smoke spreads is 58 cm. Intelligent self-adjusting technology can lower the FOTILE W Pro smoke controls by 8 to 12 cm* to approach the golden smoke control zone and effectively remove grease and smoke.
AIS Intelligent Self-Adjusting Technology Moving Closer Means There is No Place for Fumes to RunWing-like surround suction plate 2.0 technology guides fumes toward the fume collection chamber, greatly expanding the range of fume control. Depending on different fume conditions, the FOTILE W Pro can intelligently adjust its settings to move the wing-like surround suction plate closer to the &Golden Collection Zone&. In this way, grease and smoke are controlled at the source.
Smoke Extraction TechnologyOverly long flues or too many turns in the flue will result in poor ventilation, greatly reducing smoke extraction. The FOTILE W Pro´s automatic smoke guide uses real-time smoke detection to automatically increase air pressure when smoke extraction faces resistance to always ensure that smoke travels smoothly for effective ventilation.
Easy Clean-Up DesignCleaning the kitchen has always been the headache on one´s list of chores. Range hoods tend to be the hardest to clean, especially those with dense mesh and difficult-to-remove grease traps. To implement its design concept of making cleaning easier, FOTILE W Pro has overhauled the range hood´s grease filters, body and coatings. This makes it just as easy to clean the range hood as any other kitchen appliance.

Technical Parameters


Certification: CB,SAA                                                                        Product Size (mm)(W×D×H): 895x515x(604-965)
Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz Noise Level (Sones): ≤52
Illumination Power (W*1): 2 Air Flow (m³/h)(IEC 61591): 1250
Motor Power (W): 270 Filter: Wing-liked Surround Suction Plate+ double-layer Clean & Clear filter
Gas Sensor: N Heat Sensor: N
Wind Curtain: N Auto Turbo System: Y
Intelligent Air Management: N Smoke Sound Detection: N
Anion Sterilization: N Central Energy Cursor: N
Net Weight (kg): 34.5 Gross Weight (kg): 46
Packing-Box Size (mm): 1025x765x625 Volume (m³): 0.458

IEC:International Standard for Air Volume Testing
Installation Diagram